Nabutone Connect introduces its new Nabutone-Dock platform that can facilitate multiple payment methods on one device; with security being a key focus and priority.

Facilitate multiple payment methods on one device

Nabutone Connect embraces contactless payment methods to allow customers to make transactions without needing to swipe or dip their cards. Customers are choosing us because we keep costs down and we have a competent Customer Service Team 


Small businesses are significant contributors to job creation, creating more than 50 percent of all employment opportunities in South Africa. Hence we focus primarily on SMME’s.


Customers are tired of Legacy POS systems and legacy POS tech is quickly falling out of favour with new tech-savvy business owners. Thus the introduction of Nabutone Connect.


    OUR BRILLIANT FEATURES — Our Payment Application

    Multi-Database Support 

    The enhanced database of the designer tool acts like a Three-Tier system which allows the owner to access business logic related database on a PHP server and the end-user related database, which mainly includes fonts, clip-arts, templates, colour etc. on the MySQL based server.

    Large User Accessible Data 

    We at Nabutone Connect process over one million customer transactions every month. Storing and analysing that much data is beyond the power of traditional database management tools. So we have routers in place to handle such.

    Secured, Fast & Powerful Tool 

    Our application extends its security support to make our platform more secure, fast, and user-friendly for an administrator as well as the end-users. The tool is protected by SSL encryption to protect sensitive data. 

    Superior Browser Support 

    Our application is compatible with all the major web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. This has been specially kept in mind so that the end-users can benefit from all features of our application. 

    Multi-Device Responsive Tool 

    The jQuery Version of the online designer application is pixel-perfect responsive and compatible with iPads, iPhones, Windows, Mac and Android devices. This enables the tool to adapt itself to the screen size of the device it is being viewed on. 

    Excellent Performance 

    The tool contains less code, which optimizes the performance and makes sure it performs properly across all platforms. jQuery has been intelligently used to develop the tool which makes it much more efficient and powerful. The tool is also powerful as it comes loaded with bespoke features and functionalities. 


    Card Payments (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) 


    Beta Version of Lotto

    Box Office Payments

    Pay Traffic Fines, Accounts and Insurances 



    DSTV Payments